A few things coming up....

Hello to all!

Here is a sneak peek at what I am adding to The Chocolate Crow Trader coming out on the 15th of December!!
I know it is the valentines and teddy edition.... but I failed to finish in time!!
Next month will hopefully see me on track.... I doubt it but I will try!
I have had a small clean out of some of my clutter... It doesn't look any different!
By clutter I mean the ever growing pile of things to paint!!
Currently in the pile and on the shelves are about 10 teapots, three big kettles, 6 tea towels, about a dozen patchwork panels to be painted, 12 signs, 6 suitcases of various size and age! A bread box, a potato and onion box, an egg cupboard, 3 sets of vintage scales, a box, a magazine rack, a spice shelf 10 jars, 6 condiment bottles, 3 sets of salt and pepper shakers, about a dozen dolls needing faces, clothes and hair, 1 that needs clothes, and one that just needs hair......... I know there is more buried under there.... I have about 6 weeks to get through it all... well I wish anyway!
In 6 weeks we have to pack up our permanent stall site, to make way for the Berwick show.... what a job!! I have all the stock plus tiered shelving, lattice walls, and two shelves, a set of drawers, and a large rust coloured wire shelf bowl thingy.... I don't know its exact purpose, but it is great to hang dolls on, and put teddies and scented thingy's in!!
I am dreading the pack up!! Then the storage... then the set up again fiasco which sees nothing go back the way it ought to!!
Oh well.... must be done!
There... That is my whinge for the week!
Take care all!!


  1. I am glad you listed in detail the items you have hanging around waiting to be painted. Now I don't feel quite so bad. I think it is some kind of addiction to keep collecting things to paint when you already have a mountain. Someday I guess I will get through mine. Del Miller

  2. Thanks Del... That isnt even the half of it! There is more at the market under my stall!.
    I am happy to not be alone in my habitual collecting of 'things-too-good-to-leave-behind!!