Childhood memories....

I used to own this book as a child.
It horrified me and scared me, but i loved looking at it.
I used to wonder why Punch was so horrible....
Now I wonder where that old copy went!
It was so old, its pages were like plaster attached to material...
I think I have a new goal for the year... to find a copy!


  1. Hi Wendy, Good luck with the book searching. If I come opon it I will either get it or let you know (depending on price). It looks a bit spooky to me also. The eyes on the jester seem to really go through you. Del

  2. What a shame old books like that just disappear over time! It looks wonderful.
    Love the new look Wendy! Almost got it myself instead of the birdies I did go with! :)
    Not sure if I thanked you for your last visit and comment! Sorry, but thank you. :)