A small break!

Hello to all!

I am hoping everyone had a great Christmas, and hope they have a great New Year as well!

I haven't 'prim-ed' anything this week as yet (I have plans though!!) but I have painted some paintings for the other creative part of my life!!
I create 'fine art' for fun, and have it represented by 3 Galleries so far, sales have been good this year, and it seems there is growing interest, that , for me, is fantastic!!
I might be able to give up my 'day-job' one day!!
(For those that aren't aware... I paint country crafts and signs for my Market stall at Berwick, as well as supply a Party plan business.... ) to give this up would allow me to paint more creatively!! No more repetitive cows, pigs 'n' chickens!!
I would miss it though!! Plus... I think I'm dreaming !!

Take care everyone!!

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