Merry Season to all!!

It is the season to be merry...,la...laaaaa
It is great to eat chocolate and cherries...,la...laaaaa......
Humbugs...with out the Baa!! I cant think of anything else to rhyme right now!!

Oh well!!
Merry Christmas, or for that matter Merry-what-ever-it -is-you-celebrate!!
For me,it is the week of slow down for the year, the week for spending time with family and friends, of eating, giving, more eating, laughing and thinking of how lucky I am and as a country we are!
A week of giving thanks, and appreciation!
I aim to carry this with me through to the next year and beyond. !!
The photo is of my gorgeous girls Cristelle and Charlotte, decorated and 'photo-played with' by my eldest Daughter Cristelle... my son was out on his bike but is a gorgeous boy too!!

Thanks to all who have offered support and well wishes!

Have a great day tomorrow!!

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  1. I found the easiest way for me with the photos for my blog was to place them in the centre on medium size. I also found that, the photo I wanted to show first on the blog, had to be uploaded last. I also upload all the photos first, then type what I want above, below or in between them, and also centering them once you're done typing. I found this method easiest for me, but you can just drag and drop once you've uploaded them all. Hope this helps.