Some more christmas cheer!

I am having soooo much fun painting Christmas things!!

I have either a head cold or hay fever at the moment, it doesn't matter which...they are both awful!!

Sooooo instead of chicken soup (it is WAY to hot to cook!) I am painting and creating what ever I like.... instead of painting my market things, I have got out the sewing machine (finally!) and have made up some prim Santa / angels... they are out drying in the sun at the moment (again...WAY to hot to cook or dry in the oven!!)

They are the second only thing i have ever sewn up...(doll wise...) and I cant wait to finish them.... Photos tomorrow!!

Here is a Santa that i painted the other day he is made from a gourd that my partner grew, with homespun wound around the long thin stem , his ruffle is also shredded and gathered cotton, the same as his beard!.... Hopefully I haven't posted this photo already!!
I would love to know what has happened between upload and post that has made my photo go sideways!! I have tried lots of things to get it right but nothing has worked...Oh !!... sorry folks!

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