My first sewing efforts!!

Wow... Finished finally!!
I have wanted to get into some sewing for a while now... always putting excuses in the way... like no room, no time, too many orders etc.... All it took was a bad day, and a good dose of hay fever!
The problem is once I start something that I love doing I cant stop till its finished, the only reason I went to bed was because I had to get up in the morning for the kids!!
What began as my attempt at some Christmas angels from a Moonchild Primitives pattern... soon took on a life of their own, each one developed a character and name as I painted away and added little bits and pieces to complete them!
It was way to hot to bake them in the oven, so the sun room became the baking chamber... after 10 minutes in there they were dry and too hot to handle!! Anyhow... I have listed a couple of them on my website for sale and have kept a couple aside so I can keep playing around with them , adding more details!
I have scented them 'American cream' and 'Vanilla musk' smells like an old fashioned lolly shop here at the moment!!
There were a couple of angels that took on a strange appearance ... I hadn't ever sewn raised noses... so the first two turned out a little awry... but i think it just adds to the prim nature of the characters... My favourite one (besides Pretty Una ~ The larger black angel with the larger key looking upwards) is the old looking wrinkly one.... I haven't chosen a name for her yet, but she looks like a 'Hetty' so far!! She is the first photo listed !
What do you think??

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