Another post for today!!

Hello all,
I have been extremely busy over the past few weeks! I am painting fine art for the painting site I have been given at The Jindi Harvest of Gippsland, as well as for several art shows I have entered!
I did manage to get one weeks painting in for my Market stall that was looking mighty empty, it is looking a bit better, but not quite up to the cluttered stage I am really happy with!
That is my Daughter behind the stall! She is a great help!
The Berwick show is on the 28 th of February, and we need to pack up our stall to make way for that... it is the only day of the year we aren't at the market! Yay... a day off, sort of!
I am lucky to be able to work from home, and then go out and sell my things at the market.
I haven't quite got into the swing of things yet, and I must get posting things to my website again ( for this week ,I will be adding the items I have listed in the last posts here!
Take care all!!

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  1. What a blast! Besides having a great grasp of perspective, what a great…grasp of perspective…such artists have to pour so much heart into something so ephemeral.


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