More new items for the website!

Where is the time going??
I dont feel like I have stopped, and , even though I have been so busy, I feel like I havent got much done at all!!

I finally got some photos, even though they arent fantastic, of this months Giveaways on the website...
Join the mailing list and go in the draw to win a 5 pack (3 pictured though!) od honeyspice and cinnamon scented prim sugar cakes.... YUM!!

Anyone who joined the mailing list last month is still on the list to win them also!!
PLUS..... Purchase anything from my store and you go in the draw to win the christmas pack... a handpainted oval tin, that I have handpainted my own design prim sheep on, in it I have placed 2 sugar cakes, a small snowman head ornie, a big snowman head ornie, some waxed fixins, a scented homespun pear bowl filler, the whole thing is valued at $32.00!! And I will post it to the winner for free!! My little christmas pressie to my lovely customers!!

Meet Hettie Mae... my new OOAK doll that i have just listed on my website...I really like her! She is 78cm tall, smalls like sweet spiced honey, and has her birthdate and name on a prim rusty tag!!
I have other dolls listed aswell!

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