Hello, this is a blog dedicated to showing off my primitive styles altered art creations.

I paint country crafts for my 'day' job... and enjoy this alot.

The work I paint is not typical 'country crafts' and most designs are my own... I am very creative!

Lately I have been captured by the warmth and character of primitive arts... They are based on the wares of yesteryear... the 1600's onward... but i think the modern twist on this theme is something altogether different!

I love it and enjoy creating one of a kind pieces, I love taking a new jar or billycan and turning it into an aged rusted vessel, to fill with gorgeous scented 'fixins'!

Please call back often as this is where all my lastest creations will be found before being added to my website!You will be able to follow the process i go through and see the inspiration I use to make my creations!!

All the best


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